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Japanese-nail-art-10 :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 5 9
Mature content
Steven Story :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 1 0
Sakura and Deidara family
Deidara & Sakura Family
I woke up to the sound of thunder; I turn to see my husband who is still sleeping. I nudge his shoulder to see if he was still sleeping his long hair covering his right eye when he sleeps, “Deidara wake up I’m worried about the kids? What if they wake up because they're scared of the storm?” I said while moving closer to his chest “Don’t worry they’ll be fine okay, you worry too much love; so try to get some sleep or we could do something else to keep your mind off thing.” He said while pulling me eve closer to him where my lips almost met his. “Maybe you're right, I do need to get my mind off th-” “I was cut off by Deidara lips on mine, “Wow I see you can’t wait, but what about the children? Shouldn’t we lock the door?” I asked “Already taken care of.” He said as summon his clay Justus to lock the door then Deidara
Continued kissing my neck and before he could even u
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 2 0
Shion X Reader Valentine special
Before you could even touch them, something grabbed your hand.
"____, what are you doing?" he asked in his monotonic voice.
Your eyes widened, you lowered your head to hide the blush on your face.
"I-I-I j-just wanted to s-see you w-without your g-g-glasses." You said in a shaky voice.
It was silent for a while, and then you felt a hand lifting your head up.
Shino was smiling and without his glasses, he looked really handsome
You gasped.
He had deep dark orbs and he looked more handsome with that smile on his face.
You didn't expect the next move where he kissed you on the lips.
Your eyes widened and your face got even redder (is it possible).
He pulled away and looked into your deep (e/c) eyes.
His smile turned into a smirk.
"They say that, when an Aburame shows his eyes to the person he likes, they're destined to be together."
You looked down and held your hand to your chest.
It was beating so fast,you felt that your heart might burst out at anytime,
You looked up and gave the Aburam
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 0 0
I'm already undead. Smoking can't killed me now :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 1 0 Why did I ever pick up that cigarettes :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 2 2 Affect of smoking :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 6 second hand smoke :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 1 0
Best Friends
We may meet different people everyday
but there is only few people that we can
really share our happiness, sadness,
deepest thought and secrets. They're
the ones that we can really call Friends.
Friends are suppose to be
there for you, they always
have your back. Friends stand
up for you when we are in
a bad\sad mood like if the guy
you love cheats on you,
your friends will be there to
comfort you and tells you
to moved on and you do,
because no guy should never
make you cry. They should be
be there to protect you, and
love you with all there heart,
guys should always make you
feel better. If they don't you always
have your friends to be there for you
when ever you need them in your life.
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 12
Brilliant star forever shine,
in this endless sky.
They shine everlasting to brighten
the night sky, these brilliant star
seems not to have a care in the world.
They say star symbols the hope and
freedom, when I see the star they
are like guardian protecting  us
from the darkness that surround us.
Brilliant star forever shine, will you
see them  shine for very last time?
Brillant star forever will we every see
them one last time.
Star forever lasting to shine.
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 2
The city....
The city of bones....
The city of ash....
The city of glass...
The city of fallen angel where the angel fall in
love with a mortal and is banish to be trap
forever to be lost in the city  of lost souls.
Or can you be saved by the clockwork angel.
Who will offer you her help unless you help her
Find the clockwork Prince to give him a clockwork
locket to give to his clockwork princess. Who hold
the key to unlock his harden heart, he will find his princess
no matter what they say he will be right here and will always
be in her heart. You agree to help the clockwork angel so he
can be with his clockwork princess once again. When they
are together their love is everlasting.
The clockwork prince will alway find his clockwork
princess no matter where she goes, he will find her.
Love will alway find a way, knowing this true
love will last forever. Never judge a book by it
cover, you never know what true love can bring these
together and never tear them apart.
All your wishes will come tru
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 0 4
Darkness can cover everything in it path
and only see a dim light that is left standing in
the darkness trying to guide lost soul to it
domain. Darkness is quiet, peaceful.... to
peaceful that no one can hear you scream.
Can darkness really save you from what you
have become? Or will you be so alone
that darkness is the only friend you will
ever have
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 0 0
In Love
The years have flooded before my innocent eyes
I have yet to realize that the cause of
My mischief  and curiosity leads back to you
I wish the clock could rewind
Every day is a new start.
Filled with different outcomes of you
Wishing I could tell you
The emotions that make me crazy
For you
Everyday you say the same
And I'm waiting for my love to be returned
My head's gone crazy
I've found someone new
They hold the key to my heart
Embracing me
He cares
So do I
When your love came
It was too late
My heart griefed for another
Things aren't going to work
My heart is with him
My love for you has disintegrated
To that of a friend
This is my way to you
Of saying good-bye
And that
You were too late...
Remember that
I was there
Loving you,
As you never ever loved me.
As you never ever loved me.
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 4


Page 307 - Just Innocent Joke! :iconlesya7:Lesya7 75 88
Boruto X Reader |I like you too|
"Boruto! Get down from there!" Konohamaru yelled as the said culprit defied the order. "No way!" The stubborn Uzumaki puffed away, after defacing the Hokages' faces. Boy oh boy was Naruto going to mad.
"What am I going to do with this kid..."
"What's wrong, sensei? Something wrong?" The voice of a young girl asked in a joking manner, seeing as how her teacher couldn't catch Boruto.
"Oh, (l/n). Welcome back. How was the mission? Wasn't too hard, I presume." (y/n) lifted her right arm, a bloody bandaged wrapped around her toned forearm as she smiled.
"Nope! It's challenging, but it was manageable."
"And what happened to your arm? It's very unusual to get such a bad cut. Was it your team again?" All she could do was sighed and gave a side smile as she shifted her weight onto on foot. "I guess you could say that."
"What happened? I'd heard from your sensei that he's been having issues with the team since the beginning but he tried to hold on."
"Hah... My teammates always do things their wa
:iconxx-neko-pierrot-xx:Xx-Neko-Pierrot-xX 11 4
Sephronor and Ionarine :iconyagihikaru:yagihikaru 112 6
Just A Jacket | Kagami Taiga
25 Day Christmas Challenge Part 18
Theme: Giving

Lord, he was an idiot for forgetting his jacket. How could he have not released that the weather report is not always wrong, that it's better to be safe than sorry? He's cursing himself now, uncharacteristic swearwords encouraged by how the snow is teasing his bare arms sadistically. 
"Uh, excuse me," a small voice disturbs his self hatred, and he looks down to where it came from. Its commander is a girl, shivering just as much as he is if not more, who is sitting on the ground with one arm out offering a leather parka which has more rips and rags than he thought skin could ever be manipulated into having, "You look cold, would you like my jacket?"
He doesn't know what to say, is it rude if he refuses it because this girl is obviously living in horrible conditions? Can he ask her whether she's homeless, or does that go against social etiquette? Kagami's never conversed with anyone destitute, never noticing their existence mor
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 14 0
Page 306 - Just Innocent Joke! :iconlesya7:Lesya7 52 86
Seto KaibaxReader-New Assistant pt 6
Kaiba stood by your hospital bed as he waited for your mother to arrive.
His arms were crossed and his eyes were gazing directly down at you.
A woman soon arrived into the room wit h a worried expression. Kaiba glanced over at her.
"Are you ______'s mother?"he asked and she nodded.
"Yes..I am..oh my poor daughter..What happened?"she asked. The woman, though sickly and fraile herself, practically ran to your bedside and laid a hand on your head.
"Relax. The doctor's said it was just severe exhaustion and dehydration. She'll be alright after she rests a bit."he tells her. The woman looked up at Kaiba, making her way over to him.
He tensed when she grabbed his hands.
"Thank you..I presume you were the one who helped ______ here...and you stayed by her side the entire time..I'm so grateful to you."
He couldn't understand.
She was practically in tears. It wasn't that big of a deal, you weren't dying or anything.
Was this..what a worried mother looks like? He wouldn't know..
He looked away q
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 19 22
Seto KaibaxReader-New Assistant pt 5
"______..________. Eh, ________!"
Your head snapped up quickly at the sound of Joey calling your name. You looked over at him sleepily and rubbed your eyes.
"Hm..?"you responded.
"You fell asleep in class again, are you okay?"Yugi asked, concern lacing his voice.
"Yeah I'm fine.." You yawned and stood slowly. Joey growled.
"Nyah! You're not fine! Kaiba is working you to the bone! You're exhausted!"He blurts. Yugi nodded.
"Joey's right ______. Kaiba seems to be letting this boss thing go to his head." 
"It's okay guys, really. I'm fine."you tell them. You took a step but had to quickly lean against a desk for support.
They were right. You were exhausted but  that wasn't an excuse to miss work. At least it wasn't for Kaiba.
"____ please! You can barely walk! You can't go in!"Yugi pleaded for you to stop but you couldn't.
Somehow managing a fake smile, you moved past the two boys.
"Sorry guys, I gotta go. I'll see ou later!" You waved to them before jogging out the room and out
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 19 19
Fall of the petal (Loki x reader) part 3
Previous chapter
___ sat silently in the meeting room with other guys she met before minus Natasha, who was treating captured agent Barton, and Thor who was currently… somewhere and judging by the camera footage... Hopefully in better place. Rest in peace, Loki’s brother.
The atmosphere was gloomy at the best. Agents were clearing the bodies away for proper burial and everyone felt quilty for what happened. But what annoyed ____ was the fact that Loki got away.
But as she thought about the situation quietly she came to the conclusion that there was no point crying over spilt milk. Even though she was capable of smashing his skull she had no courage to actually do it. Only thing she wondered for future was if she should do it when the chance permitted or not. Or does she even go to him since he still partly had influence in her. Running away was the simplest an
:iconcoldfordeath:ColdForDeath 11 6
Fine [Apollo x Reader]
Apollo’s throat officially fell numb.
The reflection of his big, brown eyes, now heavy and puffy, gazed back at him with disdain at the continuous torture of his vocal chords.
Chords of Steel. Right.
At this point, with the rawness and the stinging, the redness, they were more like chords of raw meat.
Swallowing hard, he clenched his teeth and rubbed the front of his neck. It was almost time for the trial to begin, and he still seemed to swim in absolute darkness - or drowning. How was he supposed to defend his client with such a rickety foundation to stand on?
On the other hand, Phoenix Wright, his predecessor, his mentor, his hero, always managed to prove the innocence of his clients. Hell, he could only begin with a grand of sand as a piece of evidence and still win his case!
How could ever hope to enter the same vicinity as him?
Clearing his throat, he turned back to you, currently sitting on the sofa within the lobby. You rose  upon his approach and handed him th
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 23 9
Male!Jessica Rabbit x Detective!Reader 2 Ch. 1
Roger Rabbit and his wife went to the movies where they came to see a a documentary about the origin of Judge Doom, aka Baron Von Rotten, and the original character cel used to create Doom himself. Also, they saw you, credited for ending Doom's reign of terror by dissolving him in a puddle of Dip. Also, Jessica wanted to know about you since she was told by her husband that Jesse got himself a girlfriend.
Roger told everything when he met you and he was glad that Jesse found the love of his life. Little did they know, a toon weasel, who was watching a documentary of Judge Doom, found out about the original character cel. He knew the only way to revive Judge Doom himself was to get his hands on the original character cel.
He drove his green car and headed to the abandoned building and told his two weasel cohorts. The tall one wearing green had orange hair and wore a green shirt with a necktie.
The crazed-looking weasel wore an oversized trench coat.
He and his gang headed to the Maroon
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 31 4
Male!Jessica Rabbit x Detective!Reader 2 Ch. 2
And so, they decided to find out as they all headed to the Ink and Paint Club with their disguises, or disguise. The triplets performed a human ladder, Lonnie on top, Tilly on the middle, and Penny on the bottom as she was reluctant to act as legs. They were wearing a long brown trenchcoat. Lonnie also used a white mask and a fedora hat since she was on the top.
"Ugh, how come you have to be on top, Lonnie?" asked Tilly.
"Because I'm the oldest." Lonnie stated.
"But we have the same height, we were born at the same time." Tilly exclaimed.
"Whatev. Now no complaining, we got a mystery case to solve." Lonnie reminded Tilly and Penny.
"Are you sure no one will notice us as kids?" asked Penny.
"Hakuna Matata. What could possibly go wrong?" answered Lonnie.
Tilly, acting as arms, tried to knock on the door. Barely. With a knock two times, the Toon gorilla bouncer appeared before them.
"Got the password?" he asked.
"Uh..." Lonnie began to answer the password in question, "Walt sent me?"
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 19 3
Male!Jessica Rabbit x Detective!Reader 2 Ch. 3
You helped Roger up from the ground after suddenly seeing him get kicked out.
"Roger, what happened? I thought you're doing your job." You asked.
"They gave me the boot, (Y/n)!" answered Roger as he began to feel sad. "The ax! The gate! The pink slip! My walking papers!"
"You're saying they fired you?" You implied.
Roger turned at you as he sniffed and answered, "Yeah!"
"I don't get it. Why did they fired you?" You asked.
"Because I'm too animated!" he answered as he made a face and he began to cry again. "I move! I squash! I stretch!"
He then held his hands on your arms in pain.
"It's a wrap! I'm through! Washed up! Done for! My career is kaput! Fini! Terminated!"
You couldn't do anything to help Roger get your job back as you comforted Roger, patting your hand on his back.
Not only Roger lost his job, news already came by quickly.
You and the triplets received some newspapers from Toontown Tattler.
"Is this really true?" asked Lonnie.
"Yeah, Roger will never do these kind of crime."
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 22 2
Male!Snow White x Reader (2/2(Final))

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
The faint sounds of sniffles, quite sobs sounded around me. They wept, they grieved, they pained for the pure soul that had been lost. Those soft brown eyes which were never to open again, the sweet voice which was never to be heard, the gentle touch - never to be felt.
Snow White, the most beautiful man you could ever lay your eyes upon, lie in a glass coffin, where his beauty could be forever shared with the world, even in death. My mind was filled with thoughts of him, my heart heavy with grief, my eyes blurry with tears.
I was overwhelmed, overwhelmed to the point where I couldn't even begin to decide what I should be feeling, or saying. Dopey clung to the hem of my dress, burying his tear soaked face into the fabric, I couldn't care less that it was being soaked with tears and snot. I reached down and placed
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 98 12
Male!Snow White x Reader (1/2)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
I hummed, hanging on my arm a basket of fruit. An assortment really, consisting of grapes, bananas, raspberries and a personal favouite; apples. I was on my way to the dwarves house, I lived nearby in a cottage of my own.
The dwarves and I had been friends for quite a while, I had heard they have a knew house mate so I collected this fruit as a house warming present. I knocked on the wooden door and rocked back and forth of my feet waiting for someone to open it.
"Just a second!" said an unfamiliar voice, it must've been the new housie. The door soon opened to reveal a relatively tall male, skin light as snow, hair dark as ebony and lips pink as a rose (since he's a guy, guys are less likely to have red lips).
Clearly attractive, warm brown eyes stared down at me. He held a little fear "oh...hello, may I ask who you are?" he questioned "oh! I'm (Y/N), I live not far away, I'm friends with the dwarves", he seemed a little less wary.
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 367 66
Africa -Page 103 (Speedpaint Video) :iconarven92:ARVEN92 860 83 Once upon a Time 3Ch: 13 page :iconsionra:sionra 112 23



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