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Japanese-nail-art-10 by Yasmeeeen Japanese-nail-art-10 :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 5 9
Mature content
Steven Story :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 1 0
Sakura and Deidara family
Deidara & Sakura Family
I woke up to the sound of thunder; I turn to see my husband who is still sleeping. I nudge his shoulder to see if he was still sleeping his long hair covering his right eye when he sleeps, “Deidara wake up I’m worried about the kids? What if they wake up because they're scared of the storm?” I said while moving closer to his chest “Don’t worry they’ll be fine okay, you worry too much love; so try to get some sleep or we could do something else to keep your mind off thing.” He said while pulling me eve closer to him where my lips almost met his. “Maybe you're right, I do need to get my mind off th-” “I was cut off by Deidara lips on mine, “Wow I see you can’t wait, but what about the children? Shouldn’t we lock the door?” I asked “Already taken care of.” He said as summon his clay Justus to lock the door then Deidara
Continued kissing my neck and before he could even u
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 2 0
Shion X Reader Valentine special
Before you could even touch them, something grabbed your hand.
"____, what are you doing?" he asked in his monotonic voice.
Your eyes widened, you lowered your head to hide the blush on your face.
"I-I-I j-just wanted to s-see you w-without your g-g-glasses." You said in a shaky voice.
It was silent for a while, and then you felt a hand lifting your head up.
Shino was smiling and without his glasses, he looked really handsome
You gasped.
He had deep dark orbs and he looked more handsome with that smile on his face.
You didn't expect the next move where he kissed you on the lips.
Your eyes widened and your face got even redder (is it possible).
He pulled away and looked into your deep (e/c) eyes.
His smile turned into a smirk.
"They say that, when an Aburame shows his eyes to the person he likes, they're destined to be together."
You looked down and held your hand to your chest.
It was beating so fast,you felt that your heart might burst out at anytime,
You looked up and gave the Aburam
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 0 0
I'm already undead. Smoking can't killed me now by Yasmeeeen I'm already undead. Smoking can't killed me now :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 1 0 Why did I ever pick up that cigarettes by Yasmeeeen Why did I ever pick up that cigarettes :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 2 2 Affect of smoking by Yasmeeeen Affect of smoking :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 6 second hand smoke by Yasmeeeen second hand smoke :iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 1 0
Best Friends
We may meet different people everyday
but there is only few people that we can
really share our happiness, sadness,
deepest thought and secrets. They're
the ones that we can really call Friends.
Friends are suppose to be
there for you, they always
have your back. Friends stand
up for you when we are in
a bad\sad mood like if the guy
you love cheats on you,
your friends will be there to
comfort you and tells you
to moved on and you do,
because no guy should never
make you cry. They should be
be there to protect you, and
love you with all there heart,
guys should always make you
feel better. If they don't you always
have your friends to be there for you
when ever you need them in your life.
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 12
Brilliant star forever shine,
in this endless sky.
They shine everlasting to brighten
the night sky, these brilliant star
seems not to have a care in the world.
They say star symbols the hope and
freedom, when I see the star they
are like guardian protecting  us
from the darkness that surround us.
Brilliant star forever shine, will you
see them  shine for very last time?
Brillant star forever will we every see
them one last time.
Star forever lasting to shine.
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 2
The city....
The city of bones....
The city of ash....
The city of glass...
The city of fallen angel where the angel fall in
love with a mortal and is banish to be trap
forever to be lost in the city  of lost souls.
Or can you be saved by the clockwork angel.
Who will offer you her help unless you help her
Find the clockwork Prince to give him a clockwork
locket to give to his clockwork princess. Who hold
the key to unlock his harden heart, he will find his princess
no matter what they say he will be right here and will always
be in her heart. You agree to help the clockwork angel so he
can be with his clockwork princess once again. When they
are together their love is everlasting.
The clockwork prince will alway find his clockwork
princess no matter where she goes, he will find her.
Love will alway find a way, knowing this true
love will last forever. Never judge a book by it
cover, you never know what true love can bring these
together and never tear them apart.
All your wishes will come tru
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 0 4
Darkness can cover everything in it path
and only see a dim light that is left standing in
the darkness trying to guide lost soul to it
domain. Darkness is quiet, peaceful.... to
peaceful that no one can hear you scream.
Can darkness really save you from what you
have become? Or will you be so alone
that darkness is the only friend you will
ever have
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 0 0
In Love
The years have flooded before my innocent eyes
I have yet to realize that the cause of
My mischief  and curiosity leads back to you
I wish the clock could rewind
Every day is a new start.
Filled with different outcomes of you
Wishing I could tell you
The emotions that make me crazy
For you
Everyday you say the same
And I'm waiting for my love to be returned
My head's gone crazy
I've found someone new
They hold the key to my heart
Embracing me
He cares
So do I
When your love came
It was too late
My heart griefed for another
Things aren't going to work
My heart is with him
My love for you has disintegrated
To that of a friend
This is my way to you
Of saying good-bye
And that
You were too late...
Remember that
I was there
Loving you,
As you never ever loved me.
As you never ever loved me.
:iconyasmeeeen:Yasmeeeen 3 4


Page 317 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7 Page 317 - Just Innocent Joke! :iconlesya7:Lesya7 41 67
Sebastian Michaeli's x reader: Passion chapter 1
Deep inside you were truly terrified. You had never been in a sexy act before, but it was part of an order by the person you were serving so you better not be unpleasing. You were sneaking up to the said person's room now. You were shaking just because of the mere idea that was popping out of your hand. Reaching the person's room you finally made it and opened the door without knocking trying to be brave and hurried inside the room.
The person was awake obliviously ounce you made it inside he was laying down on his stomach when his eyes flashed fuschia .
The person shifts his head up from his pillow.'' Hello kitten'' he said. You said anything at first then you saw how beautiful Sebastian Michaeli's  was, of course you never met him you only knew you were here for service so you don't have a back story with him. '' Should I begin'' you ask, this is going to take a while you thought quivering to yourself scared to death and stepping closer towards the bed you suddenly realized look
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 10 5
Sebastian Michaeli's x reader: Passion chapter 2
''This is the butler, your master;
                                  , you will be staying here forever on.
I love you.
so don't make me wait for you.
                                            You are my possession. My poison. My passion.
                                  And my beloved.
Those words were clear as day. You remember everything the butler told you, my poison he told you; does that mean he cares for you a lot, you shiver thinking that? My possession you clearly knew what the meant you can no longer be anyone else’s again and it also meant you were his. His passion it almost made you feel he loved you, and he said his beloved; his only?
You turn your head away from the muffin you finished ea
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 9 3
Sebastian Michaelis x Claude x reader
You were the type of a girl who did not become scared of demons, even if you knew your boyfriend was one.
You were well-liked be everyone in England and more than that you were beautiful you had friends that treated you nice. There was one thing though you actually liked walking at morning time that sometimes led you into step at nighttime which was how you met another demon by chance.
You never minded walking at night however when you were walking you didn't look up so you did not know anyone was looking at you behind a closed up fence.
Claude Faustus was a man you knew did not show a bit of emotion. But when he saw you one day without you even knowing he did a huge dance in his head.
''God she is beautiful she is beautiful'' Claude said seeing you walk up and down the streets of England. Deep inside he was wondering where you were headed in such a manner so he followed you. He followed you quite eagerly. The dress you are wearing is beautiful it is purple and black and so were the bl
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 9 3
Disney University - John Rolfe by Hyung86 Disney University - John Rolfe :iconhyung86:Hyung86 359 17
Bad Romance (Black Maid One-Shot)
Sucking in a breath, you glanced over at the person beside you. "Well? What do you think?"
He rubbed his chin as he looked it over. "Interesting. I'm amazed you could mend this on your own. Do you really think the toy business would work out for us?"
You straightened up from the table and narrowed your eyes in thought. "At this point, anything is better than a fishing and trading company. I think the odds are in our favor."
He smiled in satisfaction as he turned to you. "Things have been going better since you came to us. Lord Phantomhive has never been more happier. You are certainly changing him for the better. He is more confident, more sly, more fearless than ever. Funtom has become number one over the past several months. And this is all thanks to you."
You smiled and folded your hands over your heart. "Well, if I couldn't do this much at least, then what kind of maid would I be?"
Amusement crossed his face as he unfolded your hands. "You look far too uncomfortable in that positio
:iconmonavysi:Monavysi 11 0
Sebastian Michelis x mythical reader
You were always great at making people worry but you never meant it . You would sometimes walk far from home and that would make people worry and come out and look for you. Scared you feel into a dark horror as you were beginning your descent home you thought someone anyone could have been following you, so you sped up. Sebastian Michael's was the one looking for you, Ciel told him to go after you and of course Sebastian always followed Ciel’s orders. His order was to follow you, keep an eye on you, and take you back home to where you were original from which was the phantomhive Mansion.
You had a history of becoming lost and it was not your fault in the slightest you were always just so easy to become lost. No kidding you would become lost inside the phantomhive house, outside the phantomhive and even finding Elisabeth's house that was your best friend's house. Sebastian was dead on you heels he could have sworn he saw you. He could have sworn he saw your beautiful hair color, y
:iconthebeautifulcreator:TheBeautifulcreator 4 0
Page 316 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7 Page 316 - Just Innocent Joke! :iconlesya7:Lesya7 49 113 Page 315 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7 Page 315 - Just Innocent Joke! :iconlesya7:Lesya7 43 76
Mistletoe. Ciel X Reader
         Lost in a crowd of strangers, all singing, conversing or merrymaking, you lifted yourself onto your tiptoes and scoured the congregation. Between the performers, snow sculptures and shops, there was plenty to see. Unfortunately, it was a who you needed to find, not a what. “I don't see him anywhere.” Yet again, you and Ciel had somehow managed to become separated from Sebastian. You weren't lost per say, but you weren't exactly sure where you were either. “Do you think he's started doing this on purpose? It seems a little unlikely that something like this would happen twice within such a short time frame.”
“You have to ask? Of course he did this on purpose. That would be just like him.” Arms crossed in an angry, defiant fashion, Ciel turned up his nose and scoffed at your question. “I'm not even surprised at this point.”
Ciel was right. There was no denying that. Sebastian seemed to enjoy putting his mast
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 40 3
Persona 5 Seven Minutes in Heaven - Yusuke
        Once again sitting on the counter top, tail swishing in a slow, methodical way, Morgana looked around Cafe LeBlanc for the next player. “Hmm, picking out new players is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Maybe I should come up with some sort of system to make things easier. Wait, I've got an idea.” Gracefully hopping onto one of the bar stools, Morgana began quickly spinning around in circles. After a few seconds, he jumped down and dizzily stumbled over to you. “You're next.”
“Are you okay?” Quickly kneeling next to him, you gently began stroking Morgan's head and back. “You're going to hurt yourself doing that.”
“I'm okay. Don't worry about me.” Obviously still dizzy, Morgana dropped to the ground and covered his face with his paws. “Just get your item and go upstairs.”
“Okay, if your sure.” You didn't like the idea of leaving Morgana there, but you didn't want to ho
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 30 5
Stop Running. Ken x Reader
       Sitting on the very edge of your seat, you clutched the armrests and stared at the screen unblinking. The final moments of the movie were about to unfold and you couldn't believe what you were seeing. Even more invested in the movie than you were, Ken suddenly grabbed your hand without realizing it. His mouth was slightly open and his whole body was stiff. He looked like he might very well jump out of his skin at any moment. As the sound of explosions and gunfire echoed through the theater, Ken whispered two words in amazement. “No way.” A flash of light covered the screen, and as it faded, the credits rolled. “They ended the movie on a cliffhanger.”
Ken sounded absolutely devastated. After waiting so long for this movie, it had ended leaving more questions than answers. Squeezing his hand, which was still tightly entwined with yours, you tried to look on the bright side. “I guess that means they'll be making another movie then.&
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 20 2
Dark Link x Reader- A Demon's Love pt 35
You stood in the blank void, staring down at your feet as your tears fell slowly.
There was nothing but white, as far as the eye could see.
What was going on?
Had the goddess really granted your wish?
You sighed.
Probably not.
You were probably dead in fact and your mind was just lost in a void.
At least, you thought so until a shimmering light shined beside you.
You watched as it formed into a familiar hylian.
"Link!"you gasped and rushed over to him as he stood beside you.
Blue eyes opening slowly, he looked around and blinked before staring at you.
"_______? What happened? What have I been doing?"he asked.
You shook your head and hugged him gently.
"Doesn't matter..."you replied.
"What's going on? Where are we?"he asked.
"I'm not sure.."You released him and the two of you stood side by side, watching as more lights seemed to fall from above.
The next two were Nicolei, then Helinia who both looked as if they had just woken up from a bad dream.
They blinked and looked at one another,
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 18 10
Dark Link x Reader- A Demon's Love pt 34
Dark  Link sat alone in the darkness, cold and bare with his face buried in his knees.
He felt alone, yet oddly calm.
Nobody could hurt him here and he couldn't hurt anybody else.
He didn't know what was going on outside and he didn't care.
He didn't care about anything anymore.
Yet why did he also terrified...?
He gripped at his hair, closing his eyes tightly.
The screams echoed in his mind from time to time.
"Please..just leave me alone! Go away!"he cried. " me..I don't want to be the dark..! Just stop it!!"
He trembled.
"Hey! You just gonna sit here and cry? Or are you gonna do something??"
Dark Link's head shot up quickly at the sound of a female voice.
He looked around frantically until his eyes landed on a familiar woman.
"H-Helinia..?W-What are you doing here?"he asked, standing.
"Dude, I'm freaking dead."she replied, crossing her arms. "While you're sitting in here crying, that phantom guy, has t
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 13 10
Dark Link x Reader- A Demon's Love pt 33
Nicolei lunged at Dark Link who had his back to him.
Glancing over his shoulder, Dark Link scowled and forced you back, causing you to stumble back while he turned to face Nicolei.
Blood splattered along the ground as the blade cut the top of his arm, yet more blood splattered beneath the two males.
You and Link's eyes widened while Dark Link smirked.
Nicolei trembled and coughed, blood pouring from his own mouth as he slowly looked down.
His eyes were wide at the sight.
Dark Link's own arm was going straight through his chest.
The demon grinned, ripping his arm out and watching as Nicolei fell against the ground.
"I commend you for that little attack. It did hurt an you managed to draw my blood. However, that little trick wont be enough to kill me."
He held up his arm, staring as Nicolei's blood dripped down off his hands. He smirked and kicked the male beneath him to turn him over.
"Nicolei!!"You screamed.
Dark Link then turned his attention to you, stepping away as you ran to him, c
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 13 9
Dark Link x Reader- A Demon's Love pt 32
You, Link, and Nicolei followed Dark Link's trail which led to the large gate of a town.
"This is Clock Town. They must be here."The white-haired male spoke up.
"Let's hurry up and find them then."You tell them.
"Hey wait..guys..Do you smell smoke?"
The three of you sniff the air, smelling indeed smoke.
"Sh! Hear that?"
You were quiet as screams echoed from the other side of the gate.
"There's screaming! Come on guys! We have to hurry!!"
You led the way as the three of you ran into town, where you were greeted with a horrid sight.
You gasped as houses burned and people screamed.
The town was in Chaos.
People were dying and children were crying for their parents.
"What's going on here?"Link questioned.
Nicolei looked around, golden eyes scanning the ruined area until he spotted a familiar figure laying on the ground.
His eyes widened as he ran over, leaving the two of you behind.
"Nicolei wait!"you called to him, giving chase.
It was hard to get through due to the frantic people who wer
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 14 24


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